Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mason's Valentine To Me

worm bin in the makes

Our worms came this afternoon! We spent the morning setting up our new bin. I hate buying plastic, and we thought that wood would have been too heavy, so we settled on a galvanized metal trashcan. We went to Elliot's and bought a spigot assembly (meant for ice chest repairs), which Mason installed near the bottom of the can for draining out the "worm tea". Then, he drilled holes around the top for ventilation. It was a little more difficult than he expected, hence the blurry shaking can in the photo. I cut up an old plastic seedling flat to make a barrier for drainage to the bottom. we used peat moss as filler for the bottom half of the can. on top of that went wet, shredded newspaper and a couple of handfuls of soil.
And the worms, of course!

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