Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bike for Meg

i finally found a cheap bike

I finally found a bike. It's a 70's Raleigh Cameo. I won it on eBay last week for $28 (plus a trip to Fort Worth). We picked it up this morning--all it needed was air in the tires.

Speaking of tires, we're still waiting on the tires for Mason's bike. They sent us the wrong size. After about 20 minutes of shouting obscenities, Mason realized this and called REI to get them to order the right size. They should be in next week. Hopefully, we'll be able to cut our driving by at least half. Almost everywhere that we go is within 5 miles of our apartment. The only issue is the terribly un-bike friendly Dallas traffic.

Foodwise: If you ever find yourself in Fort Worth, you should definitely stop at the Spiral Diner. It's a really great vegan restaurant that uses mostly organic ingredients. I had the "meatball" sandwich and Mason had the Philly cheezsteak, which was incredible. They make their own ice cream from soy and coconut milk. Of course, we had to try it, so we shared a chocolate chip cookie a la mode. I wish that I had taken my camera to prove how good it looked. It wouldn't matter though--it tasted twice as good as it looked. Definitely one of the best cookies that I've ever had.

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