Wednesday, March 7, 2007


best bottles for refilling

Since giving up soda, we always have water with us. I cringe thinking about how many plastic bottles have been wasted in the past between the two of us. As we've been trying to be (much) less wasteful over the past few months, I bought about ten bottles of mountain valley spring water and have been refilling them and keeping them in the fridge for when we need water to go. I don't think that the water that comes in them tastes very good, but they are great glass bottles and the perfect size for us. i'm hoping to find/order the Sigg bottles that we like soon. They'll be a little more convenient for traveling and hiking. We'll probably still keep these in the fridge after we get our Siggs, though. I'm more likely to drink water if i can just grab a cold bottle.

Unfortunately, we still have to buy our water. Dallas water tastes like a public pool. But, now we take our big glass bottles to Whole Foods and refill them for 35 cents a gallon. I hate the idea of buying water and all of the issues that go along with it. I'd love to have a water filter for the apartment, but we have a shallow sink, so until we can buy something like this crock filter, our system will do.

I figure this tiny amount of effort is reducing our waste by about 2100 plastic bottles a year.

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