Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Neighborhood - E

our neighborhood NE

It's been raining all day--all week actually. Between today's showers, we managed to walk the dogs and go for a ride. The above photos are of our street, taken during the walk. We're going to try to walk in different directions every day to get photos of all of the areas around our apartment. Before we started biking, I thought that our neighborhood was a little inconvenient. We are two miles from everything on Greenville, two miles from everything in Deep Ellum, two miles from Lakewood and at least two miles from anywhere we'd want to go downtown...not that short of a walk, but way too close to justify driving. Now that we have bikes, we can get pretty much anywhere that we want to go in 15 minutes--and we never have to pay to park. This was our ride today. We stopped by the farmer's market, but neither of us had any cash and the ATM was broken. We decided to ride over to La Fiesta Fruits for some aqua fresca, but they were closed. Oh, well. Riding downtown was nice.

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