Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sunny Day Ride

original photo by oshendoshen

We avoided a car trip yesterday by walking the mile to pick up the tandem and resigning ourselves to pushing it back to the apartment. The seller had told us on the phone that the tires were completely shot, but we took the pump just in case. Luckily, Mas was able to get enough air into them for the ride home. After a rough start (ok, several rough starts), we managed to ride in rhythm for about half the trip. I was in front steering; Mason was in back freaking out. About 4 blocks from home, he bailed and I rode alone the rest of the way.

We're thinking about turning it into a shoddy makeshift S.U.B. for grocery runs. It won't be anything close to an Xtracycle, but it also won't cost $399 (not that an Xtracycle isn't 100% worth that). We're actually looking at making our next large purchase two of these, in hopes of going car-free. That won't be for a while, and I'm sure it will be the subject of countless posts beforehand. Maybe this will suffice until we have the extra cash? Maybe...

The card reader is dead, so no actual photos today. Just imagine a gold Huffy one speed with an extra seat (similar to the above), rust on the handlebars and tires with dry rot. It also has a handmade/handpainted orange and yellow chainguard with a sun and the words Sunny Day Ride stenciled on it.

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