Friday, June 22, 2007


bowden spacelander

Our Car Free Month has started off with a pathetic whimper. My bike has been in and out of commission for the last week. I've been having major pedal-falling-off issues. Mason put his saddle on the $7 Free Spirit that we bought for parts and tried to lend me his bike, but it was still a bit too tall for me. We did manage to make it to lunch with his dad yesterday, but my fenders got jammed with mud on the way back and it was pretty much concrete by the time we got home. Because that wasn't quite enough of a hassle, as he was riding the Free Spirit to work today, one of the tires blew out forcing Mason to walk (carrying all of his gear) the rest of the way. So, I've been online all day ordering tires, searching for welders, parts shopping and bike browsing. On the bright side, that's how I came across the insanely designed piece of mind blowing fiberglass ridiculousness pictured above, the Bowden Spacelander. Produced only in 1960, it also came in black, green, blue and white. Apparently, only about 500 were shipped before the company was forced out of business by a woman who claimed that she had been injured by one of their vibrating chairs...

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