Friday, November 2, 2007

Now I Need A Bigger Kitchen

checking out veganomicon
Mas checking out Veganomicon at Borders

I had a great birthday! Mason planned two full days of activities for us and it was awesome. We also went shopping (with my birthday money!) for some new kitchen supplies. Mason has been telling me for months that my bakeware is "sad", so I bought all new Wilton pans. I try to only buy things used, but I have had no luck finding cookware at the thrift store lately. I got two new baking sheets, two round 9" pans, a 9"x13" pan, a set of 3 cooling racks, a bundt pan and 3 sizes of muffin tins. I also got a Pyrex pie plate, a lemon squeezer, a big glass measuring cup and a chef's knife--all from Target. That night, we went to Borders to check out Veganomicon. Mason agreed that it looked great, so I used an old gift card to order it and The Joy of Vegan Baking from Amazon as soon as we got home. As if that wasn't enough kitchen supply madness, we dropped by Ace Mart the next day and picked up several things that we'd been holding off on--a new zester, an apple corer, a donut cutter, a cloth pastry bag, some sundae cups, a pie server, a huge ladle, a tiny spatula and a big bag of these for cupcakes. Oh, and did I mention that I ordered the new issue of Don't Eat Off The Sidewalk? Yeah, it was a kitchen-centric birthday.

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Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Happy birthday! That is a lot of really cool stuff :)