Saturday, January 12, 2008

Frito Chili Pie

frito chili pie

I made a red lentil and bulgar chili yesterday for dinner. I was actually really happy with how it came out, so I'll measure more carefully next time and post it here. At the last minute, we decided that we wanted Frito chili pie. So, while Mas walked to the store for a bag of fritos, I diced some onions and crumbled up the rest of the Sunergia Lemon Oregano Soy Feta that we bought while we were in OKC. It's probably pretty apparent by the complete lack of them in my posts that I am not a big fan commercial cheezes. In fact, with the exception of White Mountain's Cottage Tofu (which doesn't really count as a cheeze), I've never found one that I even moderately liked. But, Sunergia's feta actually tastes really good and has a great texture. The company specializes in seasoned tofu, with flavors like Peanut and Ginger, Spicy Thai, Garlic Shiitake and Spinach Jalapeno. If the feta is any indication, I would highly recommend trying any of their products. We're going put in a request for them at our Whole Foods.

So, yeah, Fritos + chili + cheeze + onions = not much of a recipe, but very tasty.

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