Sunday, February 17, 2008


alter eco bar

For Valentine's Day, Mason brought a little sack of vegan candy home for me. It included the above Alter Eco Dark Mint Chocolate Bar, a Terra Nostra Rice Milk Choco Bar and a Crispy Cat Roasted Peanut Bar. I'd had the Crispy Cat before--it's a bar made of roasted peanuts mixed with crispy rice and coated in dark chocolate. It used to be my favorite vegan candy, but now it has competition. The Alter Eco and Terra Nostra bars are on the opposite ends of the chocolate spectrum, but they were both so delicious that I can't choose which I liked more. If you miss Andes mints (or just really like super minty dark chocolate), definitely try the Alter Eco bar. If you desperately crave milk chocolate, the Terra Nostra bar is amazingly creamy and delicious. Oh, and if you're looking for more of a candy bar than a strict chocolate bar, Crispy Cats are so good. I always get the peanut bar, but Mas loves the almond version.


Vegan_Noodle said...

Oh, I must try these! I love the crispy cat bars, so I will definitely give the others a shot. What a great v-day gift!

meg said...

Yay, let me know if you like them! I'm going to try to test all of the vegan candy that I can find. If you have any recommendations I'd love to have them!

Anonymous said...

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