Sunday, May 11, 2008

Serenity Springs Sanctuary

Tonya, just 1 of the 119 pigs at Serenity Springs

I was looking at the Farm Sanctuary site and found my way to this FS hosted national shelter listing. They list other farm animal sanctuaries that do not do any of the following: 1. Promote the consumption of farmed animals by serving animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) at its events and functions. 2. Breed or sell farmed animals. 3. Engage in behavior harmful to farmed animals.

Through the site, I found a link to Serenity Springs Sanctuary-a Texas based farm sanctuary! I've spent the last hour combing through the site, looking at photos of and information about all of the animals at the farm. There are 158 total--119 of which are pigs. It looks like a really amazing place that I would love to visit. There are no paid staffers, only the owner/operator Terry DeGaw and volunteers. All donations go directly to caring for the animals, who are all up for sponsorship. When he gets home from work, I'm going to have to ask Mas which one we should choose (I have a feeling he/she will be of the goat variety...).

I also love what the director has to say about her work.
Personal Statement from the Director: In all honesty, there are times when I wonder why I ever got involved in the rescue of animals. There are days when I wonder if I can continue. Even when I don't feel very good, the animals are still foremost on my mind, and I know I must be there for them. My one and only vacation in the last 14 years was the two days spent in the hospital having a stent implanted to make sure I could continue my work. Some days I need more time than is available, as the work never ceases. It's not just about feeding, watering and providing a clean environment. It's about interacting with them, so they have direct contact with someone and know that they are loved. The latter is so very important! Everything I do revolves around them, and sometimes, I wonder why. The answer is that the unconditional love and acceptance they offer rewards me. They depend on me, and in turn, I depend on them. In essence, we need each other. My "kudos" come from seeing them happy and healthy. That is all I need. They are my life and the rest of it will continue to be dedicated to them.


Vegan_Noodle said...

So glad you posted this!! I have been wanting our vegan group in Houston to visit a farm animal sanctuary and this one isn't too far away! plus it will give us the opportunity to try spiral diner :-)

megan said...

Awesome! I really want to try to get some Dallas vegans together for a trip sometime this summer. Mas and I are working on getting together a vegan potluck club. Maybe we can plan a potluck when you guys come up--if we ever get organized!

serenitysprings said...

Thanks for visiting Serenity Springs Sanctuary and Animal Rescue website. There is an "open door" policy here so you are welcome to come for a visit at most anytime.
Last week Fox finished up a shoot here for Animal Atlas and the week prior to that Shannon and Kerry came to visit after a stop at Sprial Diner in Ft. Worth.
Please don't hesitate to contact me for a visit time.

megan said...

I would love to come visit! We go up to Oklahoma to see family pretty frequently, so I'll try to fit a visit into the next trip. We've just started a vegan potluck group in Dallas, and I would like to try to get everyone together (maybe this fall?) to come for a volunteering visit. I don't know if you do that kind of thing, but I've read about other animal sanctuaries having work parties and I think that it would be really fun. Can you tell that I miss living in the country?

Terry Degaw said...

Anyone that would like to visit is welcome. There have been quite a few vegans/vegeterians that have spent a day and we have had a great time. Anyone that would be interested in sponsoring an animal would be greatly appreciated. Due to the increasing feed and hay costs things are getting pretty rough around here. The only requirement is that you love animals and don't eat them. Many people don't understand that the potbellied pig is in the food chain as well. So mamy consider them pets but they are in sausage, hot dogs, etc. There are even those that raise them specifically for their meat.