Sunday, June 1, 2008

Local Food

juicy local peach

It was really nice this morning as we rode our bikes downtown to the Dallas Farmer's Market. We were surprised and happy to see that they have made a big improvement in the way of local food. Stands selling local produce now have signage stating what they've grown and that they are a "Verified Local Farmer". Today, we picked up local green beans, sweet yellow and baby red onions, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, peaches, new potatoes and blackberries. We had a peach right away. It was so juicy, sweet and perfect--not rock solid and bitter like the peaches we bought at the grocery store last week. For lunch, we had leftover tofu scramble with squash, green beans and amazingly delicious tomatoes. The (huge) blackberries are almost gone, too. We probably should have bought more.

local peaches

local blackberries

local veggies on my bike


Vegan_Noodle said...

Local Texas peaches are the best!! I picked some up this weekend too :-)

Mihl said...

Wow,we will have peaches and blackberries in a month or so! I have never seen so many peaches in one place. Hooray for local produce!

Bijoux said...

mmmm, I love peaches. It's a shame though that in my part of the world it's still not peach season and even if it were, the peaches usually taste sour and are rock hard. I guess I'll have to wait until late June to enjoy a "sweet" Ontario peach, if one actually exists.

Rowan Moore Seifred said...

Oh my goodness, I am so jealous you have peaches. Our hot season comes so much later up here in WA. Kudos for seeking out local food in East Dallas, there is a big movement in that direction here too!

Sonya said...

Oh man, I am SO JEALOUS. I went to my local farmer's market this morning (in Duluth, MN) and they literally had *no* vegetables yet, just bedding plants, eggs, and some dry goods like jam. It has been a really cold and wet spring up here, and probably more vendors go to the Saturday market than the Wednesday one, but it was still hugely disappointing.

We should have strawberries and stuff in a few weeks, but we never get local peaches this far north. Almost makes me want to move to Texas. Or at least visit during peach season.