Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lunch Box Picnic

lunch boxes

Here's a shot of a picnic that Mas and I went on last week. His mom bought him some awesome lunch boxes for his birthday and we've been putting them to good use. From left to right you have: birthday dolmas, simple seitan slices and our first attempt at uncheese made with agar (not so great), plums, pickles, grapes, carrot sticks and frozen brownies. The brownies are Celine's recipe and they are highly recommended by both of us. Unfortunately, we have no access to butterscotch chips here, so I just doubled up on the chocolate chips. I have to admit that we were both a little disappointed when we tried them straight out of the oven. I should have known better and done exactly as she said because they are so delicious after you let them cool. We like ours straight out of the freezer. These are probably the only way that I'll ever really like sweet potatoes.

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Sheau said...

hi megan, thanks for stopping by my blog. this looks like a very fun picnic. the containers are very neat. i love to use containers to sort and organize things. : ) the drawings on the table looks cool too.

your blog is very cool! i will check back for recipes. the herb dumplings look tempting. i have got to try it out.

nice to meet you,