Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Taco Joint

taco joint

Mas had the day off yesterday, so we took the dogs for a walk, hit the library for a bit and decided to walk over to the Taco Joint for lunch. Until they opened in August, he'd been stalking these guys for months begging for them to finish remodeling and serve us some vegan tacos. They've now been open for over a month and are totally awesome. Not only do they have vegan refried and black beans (both delicious), they also have veggie enchiladas. Just ask for any of the veggie items on the menu without cheese. They will also substitute their veggie mix for the meat on some of the lunch items (like The Lester, which I love). They are all nice and friendly, the restaurant is clean (which means more if you know our neighborhood...), the food is tasty and the prices are overly reasonable. Oh, and the salsa! The salsa is amazing! They have free wi-fi, too.

veggie enchiladas
veggie enchiladas--probably my favorite

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