Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sprouting Up

mesclun sprouts

We got a really nice rain yesterday. It was the perfect amount--not enough to drown the seedlings, but plenty to soak all the way through the garden. And now the seeds are sprouting up like crazy! We have tons of little radish and mesclun seeds that I accidentally sowed much too thickly and will have to thin next week. I'm hoping for the peas and nasturtiums to push through in the next few days. The weather has been perfect, so we've been out working on the front bed. Our solution to the major flooding issue is for Mas to bring home loads of #10 cans from work. We cut both ends off and push them about two inches into the soil, then plant the seedlings in the top of the cans. The gives them 4-6 inches of extra drainage and should (hopefully) protect them from the slugs. We put Brussels sprouts in the first nine cans he brought home Sunday. I'll try to get a photo of them soon because I know my explanation makes no sense.

tiny sprouts

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jessy said...

what a brilliant idea on using the cans! i love it, and i'm going to have to try that, too! thanks!

oh - and the little sprouts are so cute. they totally made me smile!