Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Seeds

boston fern sprouts

You can tell Spring is here because the Boston Fern is sending out tons of baby shoots and I'm completely obsessed with buying and trading seeds.

Tomato Bob's is having a sale on selected seeds at the 1945 price of just 25 cents. I ordered several the other day, but it changes weekly, so I'll be watching the site periodically for more great deals. Some of the seeds that I ordered won't work in my little raised bed or containers, but at that price I grabbed a few anyway. We're planning to do loads more guerrilla gardening this year, and they can either be used for that or shared with friends/family who have more space. I really like the idea of melons popping up in vacant lots all around the neighborhood. And, of course, I had to throw a few more packets of heirloom tomatoes in with my order...
This is going to be an interesting growing season.

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