Monday, April 13, 2009

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

homemade bird feeder

We hung a makeshift planter-turned-bird feeder this week and our little birds have been going crazy for it. I fill it up every morning, watching them through the window as they gather around it the second I step inside. Today, I decided to supplement the little planter with a few bird feeders made from some pine cones that we got for free at an estate sale last summer. I haven't made these since I was a kid, but they're a fun, simple, cheap project that will make your birds super happy.


dreaminitvegan said...

I love the bird feeder. I think our birds would go crazy for it as well. I'll have to hang it up high or the dog will get to it!

DJ said...

What a great bird feeder! My kids would LOVE to do something like this.

megan said...

Try it, guys! It really couldn't be easier and the birds have been pecking away at them all week.