Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Vegan Scoop

chocolate mint chocolate chip

Lately, we've been alternating between being super busy and super lazy. In either case, not much blog worthy cooking is being done around here. We've been depending on reliable favorites like pizza, sandwiches, cereal, salads and scrambles. The high 90 degree weather and a lot of outdoor work doesn't make me any more interested turning on the oven, either. I can, however, manage about 10 minutes at the stove every day trying out some of the amazing recipes in The Vegan Scoop. Really, what's ten minutes at the stove when the result is a quart of delicious ice cream? I haven't seen much written about this book, but I had a Borders gift certificate and have heard way too many rave reviews of Wheeler's Ice Cream not to give it a go. So far, we've made vanilla, peanut butter, coffee, chocolate chip and a couple of variations, chocolate mint chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip. That's actually my favorite thing about this book--the fact that you are given an excellent base and encouraged to add whatever you have in your kitchen to make new flavor combinations. That, and the fact that it has produced the absolute best vegan ice creams that I've ever had--smooth, creamy and rich. Obviously, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase, but if you need more convincing before buying the book, everyday dish has two videos with recipes.


Anonymous said...

Wow! The ice cream looks amazing. It is 102 here today. I need to get the Vegan Scoop.

Mihl said...

I could seriosly eat nothing else but ice cream right now. It's pretty hot here, too. That's a delicious looking bowl.