Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vegan Cashew Mayo

cashew mayo

I bookmarked this vegan mayo recipe the second it popped up in my feed. Last night, while making a franken-casserole of corn tortillas, leftover chickpea dip, rotel, seitan, spinach that was going off and whatever jarred peppers and other dregs I could find in the fridge, I recalled the addendum where Celine mentioned using it as a topping for pasta bakes. I figured that a bubbly topping might make this dish a little more edible, so I decided to give it a try--with a few changes. I've been trying to make more of our foods from scratch, so I buzzed some cashews in the vita-mix and used the milk as a sub for the soymilk in the recipe. I also added way more dill because I love it so much. We don't have a microwave or an immersion blender, so I alternated between heating the mixture on the stove and blending it in the vita-mix. It sounds like a lot of work, but it only took a few minutes and we were both really surprised by the great results. My favorite thing about this recipe is that, if you make your own milk and use dry mustard instead of prepared, it can be made with only pantry staples. The casserole actually turned out pretty well and I still have this little pot of mayo to use on sandwiches and in chickpea salad this week. And I'm always excited to have one more reliable recipe to replace a product that we've been buying at the store.


Mihl said...

I bookmarked that one too. Adding dill to it sounds very convincing. :)

Anonymous said...

This is blowing my mind.

Des Moines workers compensation said...

Great idea. Thanks for introducing this to me. Looks like a tasty spread.