Sunday, August 2, 2009

Road Trip

car dogs

We're back from Oklahoma. These three were actually surprisingly good during this ride, despite the mischievous looks on their faces. It was a fun, but short trip that we attempted to jam pack with activities. We ate birthday cake, sat on porches, hit up garage, estate and church sales, enjoyed all of our old thrift store favorites, introduced everyone to Digby, picked blackberries and decided that we should probably get out of our apartment and possibly even out of Dallas. The dogs love my dad's huge yard and it would be great to have a yard that wasn't shared. We would love to have a bigger garden and grow a surplus to can and freeze. There are tons of projects that we would like to do, but can't without (even a tiny bit) of our own land-rainwater barrels, fruit trees, solar panels, brick and solar ovens, etc. So, maybe we'll find a place and that will give me something new to blog about here.

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DJ said...

That's a very cheeky photo! Now my kids are a tiny little bit older, I have a bit more time to do stuff and I've decided I'm really going to go for making our large garden a functional fruit and veg-growing operation into next year. Like you, I want to be able to store it as well as eat it fresh - the less I can rely on the supermarket, the better!