Sunday, April 29, 2007

Grocery Day

We had to drive the wagon for the third time yesterday. It was for a good cause, though. We went up to REI to get a rear rack for Mason's grocery crate. While we were there, we picked up an LED headlight, some levers, reflector stickers for our crates, a compact pump and some new patch kits. We're down to about half of a tank, but I don't foresee many car trips in the next few weeks. The first two drives were for Mason's training, which is over. He's been riding to work everyday. Luckily, there is a shower for him to use if he manages to get there early enough. I've been riding with him halfway in a pathetic attempt to get mildly into shape.

Today, we made our first full grocery run by bike. Mason's crate means double the room, and we managed to carry everything with a tiny bit of room to spare. We have a lot of love for bungees and zip ties.

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Mason said...

dude, we are so fucking bike rock. I love us.