Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dig Your Own Cave

While we were out the other day, we stopped by Half Price to browse through the clearance books. We've been trying to limit our buying, but an exception was made for these back issues of Mother Earth News from the early 80s.

Articles include:
-A Workable Farmstead Permaculture Plan
-A $150 Sod Igloo
-Backyard Livestock: Which Beast Is Best?
-Make Your Own Wholesome "Fast Foods"
-Future Talk From The Author Of Dune
-A $100 Log Cabin Built With Hand Tools
-Bicycles Saved Our Homestead Dream
-A $15000 Solar Earth Shelter
-Grow Your Own Bacillus Thuringiensis
-Whittle Portraits For Pleasure (And Profit!)
-Dig Your Own Cave

(also included: ads for sweet diesel Datsuns and VitaMix 3600s)

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