Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Seitan Success

It was midnight. Next time, I promise a pornographically macro shot.

I've been putting off the whole seitan thing for months. I'd read all of the horror stories about amateurs + seitan + boiling equaling a sponge-y, inedible wad of analog. It was just too scary. I put it out of my mind and left the wheat gluten in the bulk bin. Over the last couple of months, I've come across countless posts praising the Seitan O' Greatness. Yeah, sure. Seitan is easy. Okay, right. These people were obviously hardcore vegan bakers. I am neither vegan, nor a particularly good baker. But, it was everywhere. Seitan is easy. Seitan is tasty. You can make seitan. You CAN make seitan. After increasing pressure for sandwich variety from Mason, I bought some gluten. That was over a month ago. It's been on the top shelf of the pantry taunting me since. Until last night.

So, here it is. Veggeroni from FatFree Vegan Kitchen.
Why was I so afraid? It was as easy as baking cookies. Seriously, much easier than baking bread. And it was good. Really good. It's everything good about pepperoni without the greasy, heavy, stinky meatiness. My only changes to her recipe were to sub Bragg's for the liquid smoke (neither of us are liquid smoke fans) and to leave out the mustard seed (only because we didn't have any). We've already eaten half of the log.

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