Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The camera is out of commission, but I have two updates.

Worm Update:
They have been really busy for the last month or so. We stopped adding waste in mid-April. The can was about 3/4 full at the time. When I checked it this week, it was down to about 1/2 and pretty dry. I added a couple of quarts of water, and we've started filling it again. Next month, we'll be separating out the castings to use on the herbs. We'll also be able to see if they've been multiplying. If so, we may have to give some away or start another bin.

Gas Challenge:
Well, it ends tomorrow. Barring some sort of unforeseeable emergency requiring us to drive 60 or 70 miles between now and then, we made it with loads to spare. In fact, I only rode in the car once during the entire month--and it was to get bike supplies for the challenge. It has really forced us to ride every day, and we won't be going back to driving just because it's over. We are taking a trip back to OK (app. 450 miles total), but it will be one of maybe five for the entire year. We should more than make up for that by our reduction in mileage here. All in all, I would say that this challenge has been extremely beneficial for both of us. Gas is over $3 a gallon here (and it's not getting any cheaper). I'm glad that we no longer rely on it for our daily transportation needs. We are both already in much better shape. I can ride much farther/for much longer than I could a month ago, and I really enjoy it. Actually, I think we are both just much happier in general. After our trip, we intend to start a new challenge, our Gas Free Month. An official date has not been set as of yet, but it will begin sometime between the 5th and the 10th. I'll also be keeping a log of any miles that we drive between now and then, if there are any to log...

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