Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Apple Pad Thai

steamy apple pad thai

Ever since the recipe was submitted to Iron Chef VegWeb, I've been thinking about Apple Pad Thai. I finally remembered to pick up some teriyaki sauce at the store last night. The only vegan sauce at Fiesta was the roasted garlic flavor, so I grabbed at bottle and left it on the kitchen counter to remind me of today's lunch plans. I've attempted pad thai on several occasions, but it was never quite right. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't...pad thai-y enough? I had no expectations for this recipe as far as actually tasting like pad thai. As the recipe states, it's not at all authentic. I just assumed that it would be a sweet noodle dish--and that was good enough for me. I was wrong. It really does taste like pad thai. Well, apple pad thai, but really good pad thai nonetheless. I left out the cilantro and had to add about a tablespoon of agave to balance out the bitterness of the roasted garlic sauce. I also added Sriracha, of course. Other than that, the only change that I made was to cook it for a bit longer at the end to get it to thicken up to my liking. I made it while Mas was at work and ate more than my fair share. I did manage to leave a bowlful for him, which he said was so delicious that he would pay money for it in a restaurant. And, if you know Mason at all, you know that is the ultimate compliment.


Lynn / vigilant20 said...

That looks so good! I'm just amazed at how fast people come up for recipes for the Iron Chef

meg said...

I know! I wanted to submit an apple recipe, but it still isn't ready.