Friday, November 16, 2007



I'm a sucker for a zine. I have a ridiculously long cookzine wishlist, but I always seem to put off buying them until they are out of print. Lame. So, when I found out that Whammy Industries is offering free shipping (unfortunately, she's going out of business), I decided it was time to load up. I finally ordered a copy of Please Don't Feed The Bears, which I've wanted since it came out. I also got Fire and Ice, Barefoot and In the Kitchen #2, Bread and Salt #2 & #3 and Don't Have A Cow #3 & #4. Bread & Salt is about food and food history, but the rest are vegan recipe zines. I haven't had time to read through all of them, but there are tons of things from Please Don't Feed The Bears that I can't wait to try! And I already have a few recipes from Fire & Ice bookmarked (chili-pumpkin seed corn on the cob, squash latkes, spicy empanadas). I think that I officially have a recipe hoarding problem.

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