Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chewy Chocolate-Raspberry Cookies

chocolate raspberry cookies

This was one of the first recipes from Veganomicon that I bookmarked, but I just got around to trying it last night. They were extremely easy to make and the dough was delicious. Mine were finished in about 8 minutes (instead of 10). I'm pretty sure that my oven is off by maybe 10 or 15 degrees, so that's probably why. I was a little "meh" about them at first, but Mason loved them. I did have another one this morning that I thought was pretty tasty. I think that I need to try them with different (or more) raspberry preserves because mine seemed too mild. The texture is great, though. It's kind of like the top of a brownie in cookie form. I'd definitely make them again, but I don't really see them going into heavy rotation around here.

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