Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Is It Spring?

bikes all day

I hope so. We finally got to spend a day riding all over town. It's been too cold lately to actually enjoy being outside, but it was in the mid-seventies yesterday and it's going to be nice (if a little rainy) all week. I packed up a lunch, Mas aired up our tires, and we rode to the Goodwill on Greenville, over to Paperbacks Plus in Lakewood, up to Tietze Park to picnic, up further to Buffalo Exchange, back down to Lula B's and then to Fiesta to pick up some fresh veg for dinner.

the cookbook for people who love animals

While at Paperbacks Plus, I found this cookbook full of tasty looking vegan recipes. This is the seventh edition from 1992, but it's still in print if you want to order your own.

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