Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Dinner Chickpea Roll

easter dinner chickpea roll

As a person who isn't at all religious, I just realized this morning that today is Easter. But, as a person who loves a good holiday, I decided that I had to make something to "celebrate". I've had this chickpea roll in my bookmarks for at least six months, but I've never found the right time to make it. It definitely looks like holiday fare and it kind of seems Easter-y, so I decided to try it out. The only changes that I made were using Spectrum Vegan Mayo instead of Vegenaise, omitting the nori flakes (I didn't have any), brushing the dough with Earth Balance and sprinkling poppy seeds on the top. I think that next time I would saute the onions and peppers before adding them to the chickpeas because mine weren't quite done. And I think that maybe I didn't roll my dough into a long enough rectangle because my ring grew together and my roll didn't slice quite as well as the original. Other than that, it was great. After this and my calzone success, I think that I may be becoming obsessing with vegan stuffed breads. There will most likely be several posts devoted to them in the coming weeks.

Oh, I also made vegan pseudo-kolaches, but I didn't get a good photo of them. They didn't turn out quite the way that I had hoped, so I'm going to work on the recipe a little to see if I can make them more like what I wanted.

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Vegan_Noodle said...

It at least looks really awesome!! even if it didn't taste the way you wanted...