Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hummus Pizza

tasty pizza

This was our best cheeseless pizza ever! We always cheat and use Whole Foods pizza dough for the crust. This one was topped with leftover Vita-Mix Hummus, olive oil, roasted peppers, mushrooms, garlic and Penzey's Pizza Seasoning. So unbelievably good! I really need to learn to make a pizza dough that's as good as the Whole Foods dough, so if you have any suggestions for really great whole wheat crust recipes, definitely let me know. Their dough makes a perfect chewy crust and my so-so attempts just really haven't measured up.


Bijoux said...

That looks awesome. I find it really hard to eliminate cheese from pizza as I tend to think that pizza is best with cheese on it.
Adding hummus to pizza gives it a whole new dimension. What a great way to re-interpret traditional pizza. By the way, Kickpleat over at "Everybody Likes Sandwiches" blog recently made a pizza dough from scratch.

meg said...

I completely forgot that she posted that recipe! I'll have to try it out soon.

Because I'm not a big fan of fake cheese (although I do want to try Teese), I've found that the best way to make vegan pizza is with a sauce other than tomato--something that doesn't get quite so dry and doesn't seem so much like crappy cheeseless pizza...That's why I really liked the hummus on this one. And, of course, loading on as many toppings as possible helps tremendously.