Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Berry Picking

they were huge

We spent the weekend in Oklahoma, attending a wedding and a birthday party. Since we knew that we'd be missing our lovely farmer's market, we decided to run over to the local market in my hometown. Of course, the second we woke up, it started pouring rain. Nobody showed up to the market, so we went a few miles further to a little place called Sun Berry Orchard to pick some blackberries. These were the biggest, sweetest blackberries that either of us have had in years. They also grow some tasty peaches--not quite as good as Lemley's, but they only travelled about 100 feet before we bought them. I highly recommend heading out to your local pick your own. We're hoping to make it out to Balch Springs next weekend for more picking.

it was early

blackberry picking in harrah

tons of blackberries

i was faster than mas

mas was slow


jessy said...

those are some big blackberries. they look really delicious! i really like your photos, too - looks like you both had fun pick'n berries! i can't wait to see how ya use 'em, too!

Anonymous said...

There is a "pick your own" berry farm west of here. It is awesome. In the Spring they have strawberries and in the summer blackberries. Such goodness.


Vegan_Noodle said...

What fun picking your own berries!