Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Children of Invention

The festival and a few other projects are keeping us really busy this week, but I just wanted to quickly mention this film that we were lucky enough to see last night. We generally only see docs at the festival because...well, we're obsessed with them. We've only been to one other narrative screening (eh.), but this one looked interesting and we were already at the theater after volunteering. We decided to see it while we were waiting for the Food, Inc. screening at 10. I'm so glad that we did. It was unbelievably good. I really don't have the time to even attempt to do it justice by describing it now, so I'll just leave you to watch the trailer and a clip. And tell you to see it! We bought a DVD from the filmmaker because you never know when/if independent films will ever be widely released. I think that you could probably contact someone through the site with any inqueries. There is also a list of upcoming screenings. If it is showing in your area, I (obviously) highly recommend that you see it.

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