Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Dungeon Masters

Our days at the festival are over, so posting will go back to normal---after this last bit of gushing. The films for which we actually managed to get tickets this year were, for the most part, incredible and even better than last year. Yesterday afternoon, we showed up extremely early to get good seats for The Dungeon Masters. After the screening, Mason and I agreed that this is the best doc we've seen either year of the festival. It's funny, but never mean or unfair. It certainly doesn't glorify the subjects, but they are portrayed as a whole--good and bad, without pity or disdain. Beautifully shot (cinematography by Lee Daniel!), the film is like a nicer looking, more focussed, more humanizing Trekkies--and I love Trekkies, so that's a huge compliment.


kickpleat said...

oooh, sounds awesome! i'm definitely going to watch out for this.

Will S. said...

Oh man, Lee Daniel shot Be Here To Love Me which is amazing.

megan said...

Definitely see it! And how is it possible that I live with Mason and have never seen Be Here To Love Me?