Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Harvest

I decided to join the Freedom Harvest Challenge on Freedom Gardens. March was the first month that we weighed and tallied our harvest--a total of 4 pounds. Not bad, I guess, considering it's March and our garden is only about 30 square feet. I'm hoping that we'll have some big numbers once our secret tomatoes start producing. Until then, it's just a half pound here and a half pound there.

Fennel: 2.5 pounds
Chard: .5 pounds
Spinach: .5 pounds
Various Herbs: .5 pounds

And yes, I did harvest a few extra herbs so that it would come out to an even number. We've been eating fresh oregano in our salads and it is one of the tastiest things ever!

If you have a garden (even a tiny one like ours or a few pots on a balcony), join up on Freedom Gardens. It's run by the family from Path to Freedom--the same family that inspired me to start growing heirloom tomatoes 6 years ago. Add your harvest to the April tally! We need all of the poundage we can get to meet the million pound goal.

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