Friday, May 18, 2007

Crate Obsession


It was really nice out, so we spent the day biking to estate sales. We picked up three extra crates for more bike storage along the way. One was free (from the curb, along with a stack of brown envelopes, a lamp timer, some reflectors and a piece of steel for the future S.U.B. project) and the other two were a dollar each at a sale. We also picked up an old scouting tarp, sheets and pillowcases, a few books and some gifts for our trip home in a few weeks. The total trip was about 17 miles, including a stop at Fiesta for the above sickeningly sweet sno-cone and crate of fruit. The first five miles were in Hollywood Heights and the C streets. Both are way hillier than our usual routes. It was such pure pain that it made the last 12 miles feel like nothing.

For some reason, we never think to eat real meals before our day trips. We never remember to bring food with us, either. By the time we unloaded, we were starving. Enter vegan "chicken" and dumplings! Carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes with water, soymilk, unchicken broth powder and parsley. Simmer. Flour, baking soda, baking powder, parsley, oregano and thyme. Cut in Earth Balance, then add a little soymilk. Drop spoonfuls into broth. Simmer 15 minutes. Salt and pepper. Eat. It was 100% un-photo worthy, but very tasty. Next time, I'll measure more carefully and post it to VegWeb.

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