Monday, August 27, 2007

Joanne Stepaniak Is Awesome

At Half Price this weekend, I found a well worn copy of Vegan Vittles in the clearance section for $1. I've only heard good things about this book, so I was extremely pleased. Mason and I made the Macaroni and Cheeze (p. 124) the same night. It was looking pretty iffy when we put it in the oven, but it turned out to be our most successful vegan mac attempt by far. The fresh bread crumbs are genius.

Sunday night, I made the Muffins That Taste Like Donuts (p. 62). I thought that they were more coffee cake-like, but Mas said that they were definitely donut-y. The entire batch was gone by the next morning. Next time, I'm thinking of using a melon baller to make donut holes and maybe coating them in powdered sugar after they've baked.

Next Up:
Ground Seitan (p. 38), Seitan Pastrami (p. 39), Tofu Bacon (p. 40), Flaky Pie Crust (p. 44), Classic White Uncheese (p. 72), Crock Cheeze (p. 74), Kale & Kraut Sandwiches (p. 105), Better Burgers (p. 106), Chick-peas a la King (p. 119), Cauliflower Paprikash (p. 120) and the Ultra Fudgey Fudge Brownies (p. 149).

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