Friday, November 23, 2007

Better The Next Day

vegan thanksgiving

Ok, Thanksgiving. Mason had to work from 7-3 yesterday, so there was no way for us to make it home. We knew a couple of weeks in advance, so I started planning a little vegan Thanksgiving for the two of us. For me, Thanksgiving has always been all about the sides. I've never really cared about eating turkey. Meat has always been pretty irrelevant to me--it's the same way at Christmas (ugh! ham!). So, when I was planning our meal, I focused on all of the "other" traditional dishes. I always have to have a veggie tray, so I made some crock cheeze for dipping. I found a great green bean casserole recipe on VegWeb. Bryanna Clark Grogan had a bread stuffing recipe and a tofu-free pumpkin pie that I had been wanting to try. Mashed potatoes were a must, and Mason insisted on having canned corn to mix with his. I found a great recipe for quick dinner rolls on VegWeb, too! I was going to make BCG's Soy Seitan Turkey, but after planning all of the sides, I decided to go with a simple roasted marinated portabello and tossed some cauliflower in with it at the last minute. It all worked out pretty well. We had leftovers for lunch today, but there is still a ton of food in the fridge. Oh, and I discovered that I love Soyatoo Whipped Topping! Whipped cream is one of the only things that I've really missed since going vegan, so I'm a unbelievably excited about this. Altogether, it was actually a really good Thanksgiving.

And now I've got to go look up recipes for leftover mashed potatoes.

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