Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yerba Mate Limeade

mason's yerba mate limeade

Mason's Yerba Mate Limeade is awesome! Besides Honest Tea's Black Forest Berry (the Obama tea!), this is the only way that I'll drink tea. It's super easy, refreshing and delicious. We plan to consume gallon upon gallon of it this summer.

Yerba Mate Limeade

1/2 c. bulk yerba mate
1/2 c. sugar
juice of 12 limes
1 gallon water

Bring the water to just under boiling. Shut off heat and drop in tea bags. Let steep ten minutes. Remove the tea bags. Stir in sugar until completely dissolved. Add lime juice and chill.


jen o said...

oooh. what does yerba mate taste like? is it anything like kombucha? i could google, but you know, i'd rather have a conversation.

Mihl said...

Oh my, it never occured to me that you could to things like this with mate! Great idea, thank you.

megan said...

Yerba has a smokiness to it, but Mas brews it a little weak for me. Because I don't drink other teas, I don't really have any reference points for describing it--other than, you know, I don't hate it. It seems less bitter to me than other teas. With the limeade, you taste the lime first and a bit of the yerba afterwards, which is probably why I like it. I know, big help, right?